1. "Under heaven all can see beauty as beauty only because there is ugliness. All can know good as good only because there is evil."
    — Lao Tzu (via psych-quotes)
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    Your Joke of the Day from David O’Doherty. Watch the full clip here

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  4. truth.

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  7. Timeline for the Future of Comic Book Movies



    With the recent announcements for several upcoming movies based on DC Comics properties, a timeline was created to help put all future comic book movies into perspective.

  8. Phantogram @ Austin City Limits Festival 2014

    Wish we could’ve gone

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  9. vron-ica:

    Amazing craft beer place we found two blocks away from our hotel. I even got try a local oatmeal stout. I fell in love with Rotterdam tonight.

    Everything is too perfect

  10. vron-ica:

    There was no shame in today’s dinner. dirtyorange

    Bahahaha so perfect :)

  11. vron-ica:

    Rode bikes to a museum in the middle of a forest, found my spirit animal and got caught in the rain. Today was amazing. dirtyorange

    Spirit animal cross between a house cat and a sloth. Don’t judge, just appreciate.

  12. get-in-my-tights:

    old times

  13. ikbenlauriane:

    Rotterdam is not the kind of city you love at first sight. You just need to appreciate it, and to know it.

    Whhhhaaatttt this place is amazing.

  14. dronkengenie:

    Luchtsingel, Rotterdam met w4lrusss

    Going here :)

  15. oscarrmooyy:

    'Get Shit Done'

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    I want this coffee cup